Blue Wave 2022 Midterm Review

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We did over 850,000 postcards for legislative races in 5 states and helped flip 3 key chambers!

In the 2022 midterm, Blue Wave focused on state legislative races as we recognized the importance of state power in protecting democracy, women's right to choose, and other important rights we all care about. We were successful! We - the big WE of the pro-democracy coalition - were able to flip both chambers in Michigan (first time in 40 years), flip the Pennsylvania House, protect both chambers in Colorado, and prevent a veto proof conservative supermajority in Wisconsin. Furthermore, with the up ballot effect, our effort contributed to the winning of Governors’ races in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Colorado, as well as the US Senate races in Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Colorado.

We endorsed 8 Colorado State Senate Candidates - all of them won!

For the first time since our launch in 2020, we endorsed candidates! Here is our blog post announcing our endorsement of eight Colorado State Senate candidates. Our Blue Wave community met with these candidates and wrote postcards for them. All eight candidates won their (re)-election! We helped Colorado hold and expand its pro-democracy, pro-choice, and pro-climate trifecta!

We sent 250,000 postcards to Georgia for the Senate Runoff Election - and we WON!

The day after the general election, we launched a 250,000-postcard campaign for the Georgia Senate runoff election. The campaign sold out in 16 hours! We were able to launch the campaign so quickly because we were fully prepared for the runoff. Following the launch, our distribution team and volunteers put in a heroic effort to distribute all the postcards in record time! We won the Runoff and sent Reverend Warnock back to the US Senate for SIX more years!

We couldn’t have done that without you - THANK YOU!

We have accomplished our goals in 2022 (fingers crossed for the outcome of the Georgia runoff)! Check out our impact summary.

Our focus and engagement on state legislative races paid off big time. We have made a big step forward in protecting free and fair elections in the US, as Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Arizona are the hotspots for democracy. 

Thank you for joining us in this fight. With your help, democracy lives on for another day.

 -Ning, Founder and President [bio] 

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Photo by Joshua Woroniecki on Unsplash

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