Invite Friends to Write Postcards

Do you have friends who are deeply concerned about the state of democracy? Do you have friends who want to protect abortion rights, our climate future, and more? Invite them to write postcards with Blue WaveYou can help them turn fear and anxiety into action. Your friends will appreciate you for that!

So please, pick up the phone, send a few texts or emails, recruit THREE of your friends, help us get 5 million postcards into the hands of voters who need to hear from us and turn out to vote, and save democracy along the way!

Here is a sample message for you to send to your friends:

I have been writing postcards with the Blue Wave Postcard Movement since ____. It’s an easy way to engage voters, register them, and turn them out to vote. Blue Wave is a non-profit organization that runs strategic and effective campaigns in battleground states. They have been doing that since 2020 and plan to reach out to 5 million voters this year. You can learn more about their operation and order postcard kits from them at