Blue Wave Mission

  • Strategic mobilization

    The mission of the Blue Wave Postcard Movement is to mobilize millions of advocates, constituents, and voters in local and national elections, as well as to raise awareness of social and environmental justice issues through strategic and well-designed peer-to-peer postcard outreach campaigns.

  • Community building

    We make it easy for individuals to get involved in writing postcards. We also assist organizers in coordinating local postcard-writing efforts, providing a full range of support from connecting them with individuals to assisting them with fundraising. Our goal is long-term community building, aiding pro-democracy activists involved in civic matters, and maximizing their impact.

"People are eager to make a difference. Postcard writing is highly effective and easy. Personalized postcards work! We see the huge potential in this for voter mobilization as well as community building, and have built a national movement to expand our impact.

We are registering voters and turning out the vote. But with the amount of mobilization we need in 2024, we are looking for more writers - please join us!"

- Ning Mosberger-Tang, Founder & President, Blue Wave Postcard Movement

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