Blue Wave Impact

  • We sent GOTV postcards for the 2023 spring special election in Wisconsin and helped elect liberal judge Janet Protasiewicz to the Wisconsin Supreme Court. We also mobilized voters in the August 2023 Ohio special election to defeat a state constitutional amendment that would give citizens less power regarding how ballot measures were handled. In the November 2023 Virginia State election, where all 140 legislative seats were on the ballot, we urged voters to turn out for candidates who would protect reproductive rights - and managed to not only hold the VA State Senate, but also flip the State House of Delegates blue. 

  • In the 2022 midterm, Blue Wave focused on state legislative races. We helped flip both chambers in Michigan, flip the Pennsylvania House, protect both chambers in Colorado, and prevent a veto proof conservative supermajority in Wisconsin. In addition, our 250,000-postcard campaign for the Georgia Senate Runoff launched the day after the 2022 midterm election and sold out in 16 hours! With a mere three weeks between the midterm and the runoff, our distribution team and volunteers put in a heroic effort to distribute a mind-boggling amount of postcards in record time to reach voters in Georgia and helped re-elect Senator Warnock.

  • The H.R.1/S.1 For the People Act makes critical reforms to voting rights, campaign finance, and ethics & accountability. In 2021, we generated direct actions in support of this bill with our postcard campaigns. We sent 250,000 postcards to AZ and WV from late February to mid March, urging activists to contact their Senators in support of the bill. We also sent 100,000 postcards to NY and 30,000 to NH urging Senator Chuck Schumer and Senator Hassan to do all they can to protect the freedom to vote. In addition, we also advocated for democracy and climate in California and Colorado through our postcard campaigns.

  • The Blue Wave team sprinted into action again right after we celebrated the Biden/Harris win. In the course of 6 weeks, we launched 5 campaigns for the Georgia Senate runoff elections from voter registration to absentee ballot signup and voter mobilization. Our entire team, as well as our volunteer organizers and writers, were fully aware of what was at stake. We put in our 100% to get Georgia voters out to vote one more time. Thankfully, we won both Senate seats in the runoff elections, against all odds, and helped secure a federal pro-democracy trifecta!

  • We officially launched our first campaign in June, 2020! Knowing the importance of taking back the White House and the US Senate in 2020, we strategically targeted low-propensity, left-leaning voters in key battleground states. From Pennsylvania to Georgia our campaigns were a mix of voter registration (VR), vote-by-mail (VBM), and get-out-the-vote (GOTV) postcard campaigns. The Blue Wave in 2020 helped win a federal level democratic trifecta! We designed, printed, and distributed more than 1.7 million postcards in 8 states (not including the Georgia Senate Runoffs).