Blue Wave FAQ

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What is the Blue Wave Postcard Movement (BWPM)?

We are a nonprofit organization that started in 2020 to restore democracy in America. This is our story as published in the Colorado Sun. Between June and December 2020, we sent more than 2.6 million postcards to democratic households in key battleground states, including Georgia. By the end of 2023, we've sent out more than 5.24 million postcards! Check out our impact

Our goal is to reach out to low-propensity, likely progressive voters in key swing states, to urge them to register to vote, apply for mail-in ballots, and vote in critical elections.

Can I write postcards without joining a group?

Yes, you can. Though for coordination and quality control, we do appreciate it when postcard writers join a group.

You can find an existing group to work with on our Group Map (some groups accept members from the public), or you can register to become an organizer

Who do we write to and what do we write on the postcards?

Our campaigns target low-propensity, likely progressive voters such as young people, people of color, and women.

Our kits provide you with preprinted addresses and a very short, scripted, message to handwrite. Every postcard kit comes with a detailed instruction sheet.

How quickly do we need to complete our postcards? 

As a general rule, we ask that you complete and mail all your postcards within a week after receiving them.

However, check your kit's enclosed instruction sheet as timing can vary for certain campaigns.

Why do you have part of the message printed on the cards? Isn’t it better to handwrite everything?

Research shows that just a small personal touch on a postcard is all that is needed. With most of the important information pre-printed on the card and pre-printed address labels, your job as a postcard writer is made simpler and far more efficient.

What preprinted information do you include? 

We include a special website (plus a QR code for that website) to make it MUCH easier for recipients to take the requested action: register to vote, vote by mail, or get more information about an upcoming election.

Where do I get addresses to send the postcards to?

Every kit includes addresses, postcards and instructions. You can get kits from our online store.

Should we sign our names on the postcards?

Feel free to sign your first name or initials. Do not sign your full name or include your address.

Should I bundle postcards with a rubber band when mailing?

NO! The rubber bands get caught in the postal service's sorting equipment and have to be removed manually.

USPS requests that you mail them loose in the large blue public mailboxes or in your own residential outgoing mail box. If you hand them to a postal employee at the post office, feel free to put them in a bin, but please don't use rubber bands!

Do personalized postcards really make a difference?

Yes! Read about how postcards make a difference here and check out our impact so far.

What if I need help paying for stamps?

We can provide stamp assistance as long as there are funds available, though we do request you purchase the postcard kits. You can find more information here.

Do I need to update my mailing status for my postcards?

We do not require you to update your mailing status anymore as the response was not consistent, and we have other ways to assess the efficacy of our postcards. 

What if I cannot write postcards ? How can I help?

We have many volunteers in need of stamp assistance, so your contribution to our stamp fund is always appreciated.

I want to tell the world that I'm a part of Blue Wave Postcard Movement. Do you have any swag?

Why yes we do! Head over to our Zazzle store for mugs, T-shirts, tote bags and more.

I'm a student and I want to volunteer. Can this count toward my community service hours?

Thank you for taking the opportunity to amplify your voice and engage in our democratic process! We have good news for you. Your volunteering activities with the Blue Wave Postcard Movement, including postcard writing, can count toward your community service hours for National Honor Society and IB Diploma Program CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service) requirements. We will be happy to verify your hours, if needed. Please contact

Here is one of the verification letters we wrote:

Dear [Student Name],

The Blue Wave Postcard Movement is a non-profit organization focusing on creating social changes. Our mission is to increase civic engagement and turn out millions more voters through peer-to-peer postcard outreach. We help organizers coordinate local postcard writing efforts. Our goal is long term community building and getting underrepresented voters out to vote.

Thank you so much for writing postcards for 5 hours in October 2020 to help people vote during the pandemic. Recipients reported that these postcards provided them with the information they needed and also inspired them to vote. This year, you became an important part of our effort to make our government work for everyone.

Adrianne Middleton
Blue Wave Postcard Movement