• 2020 VR Campaign (8.5% registration rate)

    In 2020, we partnered with Alliance for Climate Education to register young voters in 6 swing states. We sent postcards to 330k unregistered voters. ACE also followed up with them with calls, texts and targeted digital ads. At the end of the campaign, 8.5% (28k) of the voters we reached out to were registered.

  • 2021 Advocacy Campaign (3% activation rate)

    In 2021, we partnered with Common Cause, sending 150,000 postcards to Arizonans, urging them to call their Senator, Krysten Sinema, to pass the For the People Act. At least 3% of these postcards generated a patch-through phone call. Over 80% of these calls were live conversations averaging 1.5 minutes long.

  • 2022 VR Campaign (8.2% registration rate)

    In 2022, we collaborated with El Paso County Progressive Veterans to register Latino voters in Colorado. We reached out to 43,251 unregistered Latino voters. EPCPV followed up with digital ads. At the end of the campaign, 8.2% of these people had registered to vote. 

  • 2020 Sister District Project Studies

    Get Out The Vote postcards boosted voter turnout by 1.71% in North Carolina and Texas primaries.

  • 2020 America Votes Study

    Postcards increased voter turnout by 2.4% in the recent Florida primaries. Postcards with well-designed messages increased voter turnout by an even larger percentage: 3.6% in one instance.

  • Every Vote Matters!

    To put it in context, Hillary Clinton lost by tiny margins in three states in 2016: Wisconsin by 0.8%, Pennsylvania by 0.7%, and Michigan by 0.2%. A well-designed postcard campaign can make all the difference!

Postcards = Easy Activism!

FOR INTROVERTS: Talking politics can be scary. Writing postcards is activism on your timeline/terms.

FOR BUSY PEOPLE: Waiting to pick up the kids? Have a few minutes at lunch? Bored on a plane? Our postcards fit easily into the gaps in your schedule.

FOR FAMILY FUN: With our short message, self-stick address labels and stamps, everyone from younger kids to senior family members can participate. Blue Wave Postcards create intergenerational activism.

FOR COMMUNITY: Have friends & family who want to get involved but don't know where to start? Postcard parties bring people together!

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