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Organizer Toolkit

Thank you for stepping up to lead a postcard group. These tips will help you get started. If you still have questions, please contact us by email. Also, please join our Facebook page for organizers.


Your members may be new to activism and curious about postcarding. We suggest familiarizing yourself with our website's top menu categories, so you can provide answers regarding postcard effectivness and background on the Blue Wave Postcard Movement.


☝Contact everyone on your email list + social channels who you think might engage. Many want to help but don't know where to start - postcards are the gateway to activism!


☝Send members here to order postcard kits:

☝At check out, ask members to pick "Yes: I'm a member of a postcard group or an organizer" and type in the name of your group.

☝Ask members to contact everyone on their email list and social channels. This is how we build our pro-democracy community!


☝Ask members to come to you first with questions. It’s a huge help to our all-volunteer staff.


Postcard Kit Facts (in case your members ask):

  • Postcards can be ordered as 100 card kits or 2000 cards (+ extras), with instructions, and addresses labels. We offer a $2 discount for every 100 postcards that you order when you purchase more than one kit. However, economically, ordering a 2000-postcard box is ideal for many groups because we offer a 20% discount for full box orders. We also offer free shipping for "Open" Groups.
  • We preprint most information on the cards, including a QR code leading directly to voter information pertinent to that campaign

With or Without Stamps: You can buy stamps from us at cost, or purchase them from USPS. 

Extra Postcards: Each kit includes extras for mistakes. Recycle the extras when your group is done with the campaign.

Sharing Kits: If members want to split a kit, please include a copy of the instructions so the second person knows what to write.

Stick to the Scripted Message: Please write the short message (included in the kit instructions). It’s based on expert advice from our local partners and reflects what voters value in the targeted states.

Complete Kits Quickly

  • Complete and mail postcards promptly: deadline will be indicated on instructions. It only takes 2-3 hours per kit.
  • Mail out in batches, as you complete your postcards.
  • No rubber bands around the cards. Per Post Office request. Just mail them loose.

Kit Delivery: We offer kits for presale about a week before we start shipping. If you order cards during the presale period, note the shipping date listed on the order page - you'll receive your kit(s) between 5-7 business days from the shipping date (not your presale order date).
Likewise, if you place an order after our presale period, it should arrive within 5-7 business days. Yes, shipping dates are confusing, at first.

Local Pickup: We offer free, local pickup for people in the Boulder and Denver, Colorado areas, where Blue Wave Postcards is based.


We urgently need additional postcard writers. You are our #1 source of new writers and can help us by doing the following:

☝Ask members to invite more people to your group and post about us on social media. Members could also tell friends/family in targeted states about Blue Wave so they can write postcards, too.

☝Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (X).

☝Indicate that your group is accepting new members from the public. People will reach you through an anonymous email address. If you need to change your group status to public, follow instructions in CHANGING GROUP INFORMATION (below).

☝Welcome Members of the Public: If you do get an email from a member of the public, simply send them your Invite email with instructions on how to order. Stay in touch - and remind them to complete and mail their postcards.

☝Contact activist groups, such as local Democrats and Indivisible groups. We can help them get started after you make contact.

☝Please make your group inclusive and welcome people of all genders, backgrounds, and ages.

POSTCARD PARTIES (optional, but fun)

 ☝Host a party, virtual or in person (if it’s safe). Always ask members to invite their friends. It can be at a member's home or at a public area like a library conference room, local brewpub (ask the business, first), etc.  Meetings can be so motivating!

☝To hold a virtual party, use Zoom (free for up to 40 minutes) or Google Meet (free) or other virtual conferencing tools to stay connected with your group.


While we sell everything at cost, stamps are expensive. Here are some suggestions:

☝Members can share a kit with a friend and split the cost.

Fundraise as a group.

Apply for financial assistance, if needed.

☝Get free shipping in the US when you order a box of 2000 cards (you'll also get a 20% discount on the cost of the postcards over buying 20 individual sets). Use the "FREESHIP2000" coupon code at checkout.


When you signed up as an organizer, we sent you a confirmation email that contained a link unique to your group. The link allows you to modify your original form. Save that email so the link is easy to find.


We'd love to hear from you! Please contact us by email at any time.

Thank you for organizing!