Blue Wave Testimonials

  • Thank you! I just want to say that I have written 1000s of letters and postcards the past 5-6 years and your campaign is one of the absolute best! I am so happy I found you! I look forward to writing more and recommending it to my friends! 

    - Julia

  • Just addressed 100 postcards to Ohio voters in only 20 minutes - thanks to the pre printed labels. Genius!

    I'm 90 years old and got involved in writing letters, then postcards, for the 2020 presidential election. This time it's more serious than ever to save our democracy. I'm an FDR democrat (as a child) and hope to live long enough to see our democracy continue on the right track. 

    I'll keep in touch now that I've found you. Keep up the good work!  
    - Ann

  • We love Blue Wave!!!! The postcards are so attractive, information so easy to read, QR code is really handy, and postcards are quick to fill out. We are helping with your current campaign.

    Thanks to all of you for all the efforts you have made to provide postcards for those of us who discovered you. We really appreciate the quality of the postcards and the ease of sending them even with a personal message. Thank you so much. I know our road ahead is very challenging, but having groups like yours leading us will help make progress.

    - David

  • This was my first venture with Blue Wave and your campaign has been the most user-friendly of them all. Plenty of room left for the personal message, a concise suggested message, address labels (as opposed to an address list), nothing I needed to print, clear instructions, and everything sent in a kit. I’ll write postcards for Blue Wave anytime!!

    - Judith

  • Me and the small group I have put together just love your cards and how easy you all make these projects and we have such a great time getting together to write our messages. 

    Thank you for all that BlueWave Postcards does; we'll see you in the next election.

    - Laurie

  • I just received/sent out 100 postcards to Dem leaning voters in my home state of Wisconsin from you.  It was the most seamless, painless, easy experience I have ever had writing postcards.

    I REALLY APPRECIATE the address labels, the simple message I had to write, the stamps readily available. Well done!

    - Geralyn

  • Thank you for making it so easy to write these postcards.  The printed message & address labels make the whole process so much easier.

    - Nancy

  •  I’m mobilizing my team. I admire how strategic and targeted your voting campaigns are!  Really smart. It’s a pleasure to work with you.

    - Connie

  • I became involved with Blue Wave as I was no longer willing to just sit by and watch these outrageous things happen. This is a way to help make things change. We can no longer afford to be idle.

    - Amy

I just wanted to congratulate everyone at Blue Wave Postcards for how beautifully thought-out your kit is. I thought it was brilliant that Blue Wave Postcards had a QR code printed on the back, plus the address of a website for further info, plus a message—all very actionable info! The fact that you also included mailing labels and stamps was another surprise— it truly was a little “kit” and all I had to do was add-water-and-stir. I got it all done in one evening. Please pass on my thanks and admiration to your team for figuring out everything, right down to the last detail, and designing such an effective presentation! I will make sure to keep up with your efforts and participate in the Blue Wave Postcard campaigns in the future.

- Linda

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