2023 Endorsement of Janet Protasiewicz

We enthusiastically endorsed Judge Janet Protasiewicz for a critical Wisconsin Supreme Court seat that she won in 2023! Judge Protasiewicz supports voting rights and women's rights.



Judge Janet Protasiewicz is a community leader, a veteran prosecutor, and a lifelong advocate for victims of crime. In nearly a decade as Circuit Court Judge, she has earned the respect of the community, developing a reputation for being fair and impartial. 

"We believe that Janet Protasiewicz is the best candidate to shift the balance of the WI State Supreme Court," said Ning Mosberger-Tang, President of Blue Wave Postcard Movement. "Her commitment to protecting a woman’s right to make decisions about her own body, ensuring that every vote counts, and safeguarding democracy from partisan attacks make her the ideal candidate for this critical role."

If elected, Janet Protasiewicz will help ensure that the court's decisions better reflect the will of the majority of Wisconsin voters, particularly on issues such as abortion rights, voting rights, and gerrymandering.

"We are confident that Janet Protasiewicz will make a positive impact on the court, and we are eager to get the message out through our custom-designed postcards and mobilize our grassroots network to help her get there," said Faith Gowan, Art Director of Blue Wave Postcard Movement. "This is a crucial election, and we believe that Janet Protasiewicz is the right candidate to move Wisconsin (and the nation) forward."