Collection: Wisconsin Voter Registration Campaign #2

Are you even more concerned about the election after the Presidential candidate debate on Thursday, June 27? We are with you on that! While the post-debate debate continues, there’s one thing we know for sure: Too much is at stake, and we need to double down on our activism!

Wisconsin is a crucial state in this election year, with the presidential election, the US Senate majority, and the US House majority all hanging in the balance. We are urging unregistered Wisconsinites to register now so they can vote in November.

Wisconsinites are concerned about having affordable healthcare and housing, women’s reproductive rights, and an economy that works for everyone. We urge you to join us in registering voters to ensure that underrepresented, pro-democracy citizens in Wisconsin are empowered to participate in the upcoming elections.

Registering voters and encouraging them to sign up for an absentee ballot are two of the most effective actions you can take at this stage of the election year. In this campaign, we ask voters to do both, as newly registered voters are much more likely to cast their ballots if they can do so from the comfort of their homes.

Distribution starts on 7/10. Please complete and mail these postcards within 2 weeks of receiving them.