Collection: Register and Mobilize Colorado Voters Campaign

Latinos are the nation's fastest growing voting block, and many Colorado Latinos are not registered to vote or do not have up-to-date registration due to name or address change. In this campaign, we are sending postcards to eligible and likely Democratic Latino voters who are not registered at their current addresses and live in counties with competitive state legislative or congressional races.

With automatic voter registration in place, very few organizations put in effort to register voters. However, given that a lot of Latino voters don't apply for driver’s licenses and they move more frequently on average than the rest of the population, the current registration and voting rates of Latinos in Colorado are very low. Registering and turning out these voters will make a big difference in the outcome of competitive races.

Since these are likely low-information voters, we are also providing them with a link to a comprehensive voting guide, which will help them vote the entire ballot.

Please order the kits now while the postcards are still at the printer. We are planning to start distribution on Oct 14. Please complete and mail out the postcards by Oct 24. This is crucial because some areas in Colorado only get mail delivery once a week. Oct 31 is the absolute last date to mail out the cards, but please do it sooner.