Collection: Pennsylvania Voter Registration Campaign #2

Pennsylvania is a crucial state this election year, with the White House, the US Senate majority, and the US House majority all hanging in the balance. State legislative majorities are also at stake. Election outcomes in Pennsylvania will profoundly impact our democracy and women’s reproductive rights, both statewide and nationwide.

However, millions of Pennsylvanians aren't yet registered to vote! Please join us in registering voters to ensure that underrepresented, pro-democracy citizens in Pennsylvania can participate in elections at every level. 

This is our second campaign for Pennsylvania. We will be contacting individuals who have previously received a postcard from us, as our data indicate that receiving a second postcard is more likely to prompt them to take action.

Distribution starts on 3/18. These postcards need to be completed and mailed out no later than April 1st as the PA primary election is fast approaching. Thank you!