Collection: Ohio Voter Registration Campaign #2

Ohio is a crucial state in this election year with the US Senate and House majorities hanging in the balance. In addition, there are state house and senate elections, as well as three Ohio State Supreme Court elections in November.

There will be several important ballot issues in Ohio this fall. Ohioans are trying to get an initiative on the ballot this fall to raise the minimum wage to $15. an hour. They are also getting a Citizens Not Politicians amendment on the ballot in November, which will create a new citizens redistricting commission to create fair maps.

Ohio has also purged close to 650,000 voters since 2018. Some of these voters may not know they are no longer registered, but they must re-register 30 days before the election in order to vote. It is crucial that we remind them to check their voter registration status early and re-register if necessary.

Registering voters is the most effective action you can take in the early months of this election year.

Distribution starts on 6/12. Please complete and mail these postcards within 2 weeks of receiving them.