Collection: Ohio Campaign #1 - Voter Registration Campaign

With scores of citizens collecting signatures to get constitutional protections for reproductive rights on statewide ballots in 2023, the GOP legislature is attempting to move the goalposts by changing ballot measure rules, coupled with their usual tactics of voter purges.

Republicans want to raise the threshold for approving constitutional amendments in Ohio from a simple majority to 60% — which is a nearly impossible high bar to cross in a 50/50 state like Ohio. Though the Ohio GOP just voted to discontinue August special elections this past spring, they’re now willing to spend a whopping $20 million in taxpayer dollars to hold this inconvenient, costly special election. Their motivation to do this in a hurry? To stop the proposed November ballot measure that would codify abortion rights in the constitution!

This is an off-year special election and the result will be decided by voter turnout. Since 2018, more than 625,000 Ohio voters have been purged from the voter rolls, and they will need to re-register by July 10th in order to vote in this special election.