Collection: Montana Voter Registration Campaign #1

Montana is a crucial state for November. We need more Biden-appointed judges at the Federal level, so the reelection of US Senate incumbant Jon Tester is key to enabling the seating of qualified judges, including at the Supreme Court level. Decisions made in Montana will profoundly impact on the future of our democracy and women’s reproductive rights, both statewide and nationally.

Yet tens of thousands of Montanans remain unregistered to vote.

Please join us! Registering underrepresented, new majority voters (youth, POC and women) and encouraging them to sign up for mail-in voting are two of the most effective actions you can take right now to help win in November.

Why are we asking voters to both register and sign-up for mail-in voting? Newly registered voters are much more likely to cast their ballots if they can do so from the comfort of their own homes. They'll be able to vote in both the upcoming primary and November's general election.

Most importantly, reaching these voters presents a unique opportunity to expand the new majority electorate in Montana and make a critical impact for November’s election.

(Heads up, friends! We’ve made some changes to our purchase options. For all campaigns moving forward, you will have the option to purchase kits of 100 or boxes of 2,000 cards. We will give a $2 discount for every 100 postcards that you order when you purchase more than one kit. And, as always, you get a 33.33% built-in discount when purchasing a box of 2,000 cards.)

Distribution starts on 3/28. Please complete and mail these postcards within 10 days of receiving them.