Collection: Georgia Runoff Election Mobilization Campaign

Once again, there is a runoff in the race for the Senate in Georgia. We are asking likely Democratic but lower propensity voters to vote in the runoff election.

The US Senate confirms the cabinet and other key positions in the administration. They also confirm federal judges and SCOTUS justice nominations, and hold a key vote for budget and legislation. It's imperative that we send Reverend Warnock back to the Senate! 

Unfortunately, the Georgia Republican legislature has shortened the time between the mid-term election and the runoff to a mere 4 weeks. We don’t have much time to persuade voters to get out and vote…again! This election is going to be very close and we need to turn out as many votes as possible. 

The runoff election day is December 6th. However, we are asking Georgians to vote early in person. We plan to start distributing the postcards on Tuesday 11/15. Please complete and mail out the postcards within a week of receiving them.