What You Should Know About Blue Wave Postcards’ Expansive Network of Volunteers

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Blue Wave Postcards is a 100% volunteer organization, with several groups of volunteers. First, there’s the core team. This is the most wonderful group of people I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. You can read about our team here

We also have people who turn boxes of cards into postcard kits, then pack those kits up and ship them out. Our kitters & shippers worked in groups of three outside in the hot summer months during the pandemic. They carefully maintained 6 feet of distance, wore masks even on the hottest days, and chatted about a million fascinating things while counting and weighing decks of cards, stapling sheets of addresses, and stuffing kits into envelopes and boxes for shipping. Then winter hit, and we realized that we had to do campaigns for the Georgia Senate elections. We couldn’t work together anymore. About two dozen of our reliable and accurate volunteers stepped up to take boxes of postcards home to kit up, as well as boxes of kits to ship out. 

What’s most inspiring and commendable about this group of volunteers is that all of them show up on short notice, pick up several hours worth of work, and usually do it within 24 hours...Blue Wave is very lucky to have them. I usually send an email or text message when I have the makings of a kit or box ready to be picked up. During one of our recent campaigns, one of our volunteers texted back immediately that she’d be right over. She had her boxes kitted up and returned in less than 2 hours! We are so fortunate to have such eager volunteers! Another one of our volunteers is always willing to take on colossal amounts of work. She’s amazing, she’s accurate, she’s reliable, and she’s fast. Our volunteers routinely ask to do even more work than we can give them. These tireless individuals will never cease to amaze me. Wow. Truly, wow! 

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Our third group of volunteers are the thousands of people who spend the money to buy the cards and stamps, and then take the time to write the cards. We know that this is a big expense and time commitment for people, and we are grateful to each and every one. 

While our generous donors don’t technically volunteer in the physical sense, we still consider them a large part of our organization. It is in part because of their contributions to our stamp fund that we have been able to send out 3 million postcards (and counting).  

It takes a village to accomplish greatness; and every single person who has in some way been involved with the Blue Wave movement has been part of this greatness.  

Thank you all, from the bottom of our hearts!

-Adrianne, Director of Operations & Louisville Coordinator [bio]

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