What You Need to Know About "Waste No More" - a 2022 Denver Ballot Measure

waste no more

Please consider supporting the Waste No More grassroots initiative in Denver. It's a 2022 Denver ballot measure that will create much more recycling, composting, and construction material reuse/recycling in the city.

Colorado has a waste diversion problem (16% recycling vs. the national average of 35%), and most of that is in the front range. Denver must lead the way for change. It's unconscionable that a city like Denver doesn't do better in waste diversion. It doesn't just have a climate impact, it's also an equity and empowerment issue. 

Eco-Cycle is on board and has voiced support for this initiative, and so are many others. The biggest barrier right now is to collect enough signatures so it will make it on the ballot. We're only a few thousand signatures short and the deadline is 8/18.

If you live in/close to Denver, please sign up on the website to volunteer and help them get the signatures. If your organization/group would like to endorse the initiative, please provide your information here: http://tiny.cc/org-signup. If you are a Denver voter and would like to add your own signature, please attend one of the events listed on the website or sign up to set up your own canvassing/events.

Please share this information with your friends and family - we desperately need a solution for Denver's waste problem! 

-Ning, Founder and President [bio]
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