We Are Postcard Warriors {Guest Post}

Blue Wave Postcards makes activism so easy, and the projects have helped to (re) connect a group of us who have now become true postcard warriors.

Last spring, I reached out to some friends I hadn’t seen in a while and asked if they would join me for postcards for the WI Supreme Court election.

Six of us met at my friend’s house and brought a lot of food for lunch (and wine) and I brought the postcard packet, unopened. Uncertain of exactly what to write, we opened the packet to jump in and were delighted with what we found. Beautifully designed cards with a clear, direct, friendly pre-printed message and just the right amount of space for our own short personal message. And the addresses were provided on pre-printed labels! Anxiety about our work melted away.

The background information that came with the cards and the message printed on the cards led us into a wonderful discussion about the election, which led to much use of Google and news sites, and by the time we had finished lunch and absorbed everything, we were engaged, energized, and ready with about 5 or 6 personal sentences to work with.

Our group has now done 4 rounds of Blue Wave Postcards; each gathering has been better than the last: the postcards, the food, the sharing, the learning, the wide-ranging discussions, the friendship, and the success. We all felt we had personally contributed (in a small way) to important ballot victories in Wisconsin, Virginia, and twice in Ohio.

We love the cards and how easy you all make these projects.

We can’t wait to get going for 2024 and all of the crucial races to be won. Thank you for all that you do to make this so seamless.


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