Vote Blue For Our Future {Guest Post}

My husband of 55 years passed away in January 2024, after a full year of increasing illnesses. On top of that, I suffered a stroke while caring for him at home. Luckily, I recovered fully, and quickly. But I was reeling, with suddenly having time to fill without him. The news about the coming elections was adding to my stress. What could I possibly do that would make a difference?

When I found Blue Wave, I was a bit skeptical but at least here was something I could do at home to contribute to our country’s future. Writing the postcards, while a bit tedious, gives me a focus and purpose I sorely needed. What a great feeling of accomplishment when I put the finished product in the post office bins!

Sometimes, when I read the names on the labels, I imagine the people who will be receiving them. I say “hi” to them and pray they will read the card, take it to heart, and get out to vote Blue for our future. 

- Jeanne 

(Photo by Bekky Bekks on Unsplash)

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