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Blue Wave Postcard Movement is doing a two-part postcard campaign in Virginia ahead of the November 2023 state legislative elections. We have just launched our first campaign!

Why a two-part campaign? Getting two consecutive postcards from us, it turns out, is far more likely to move recipients to action than getting a single postcard from us.

In Part 1, we’ll urge registered voters to sign up for permanent absentee ballots (presale starts September 8th); Part 2 will be Get Out The Vote (GOTV) reminders (presale starts September 25th).

We’re reaching out to New American Majority voters (young and/or BIPOC voters and single women) who may be less likely to vote or follow issues closely, yet whose lives will be disproportionately affected by state legislative decisions.

Before diving more into our strategy, here’s some recent history on Virginia’s State Government and why it’s critical to get these particular voters engaged: 

Back in the 2021 halcyon days of the Virginia’s State government’s Democratic trifecta, these bills passed:

* Repealed restrictions on state-mandated abortion delay tactics and increased access to women’s reproductive health care 

* Addressed gun violence through enacting red flag laws, allowed local gun control in certain public spaces, and required mandatory background checks

* Took climate change action for a carbon-free, state electric grid by 2045, a carbon dioxide cap and trade program, set stringent emissions standards/electric car sales targets, among other actions

* Improved voting access through passing no-excuse absentee voting, allowing ranked choice voting in local elections, and making voting registration more accessible

* Addressed affordable healthcare through medicaid expansion and a newly created state-run healthcare exchange 

* Expanded educational opportunities for low-income students with free community college

* Increased minimum wage from $7.25/hr to $12/hr by 2023, and reaching $15/hr by 2026 

* Expanded LGBTQ rights with bills extending non-discriminatory protections and repeals on prohibitions of same-sex marriage

Then came the 2021 Virginia Governor's race…

It swept a wealthy, former private equity executive Glen Youngkin (R) to the Governor’s seat, riding in on the coattails of a “parent’s rights” campaign as Virginians wearied of COVID restrictions. He avoided campaigning with Trump, enabling him to dodge comparisons to the former president while still reaching the MAGA base through pledging “election integrity”. Youngkin appeared comparatively reasonable (he’s not) and thus captured the votes of suburban moderate Republicans, as well. Positioning his opponent as part of the political “elite”, Youngkin was able to take advantage of apparent apathy among core Dem voters fatigued by years of “must -win” elections. (Gentle reminder: There ARE. NO. OFF. YEARS.)

In the 2022 midterm elections, Republicans had taken the Virginia House by a five-vote margin. If not for the Democrats holding the Senate, most of the pre-Youngkin legislative gains would have been undone.

So now the critical November 2023 elections are coming up. Why critical? Because ALL of 140 seats in the state legislature are up for grabs. If Republicans win, Virginia will face devastating roll-backs of abortion rights, voting access, healthcare expansion, and more.  

BUT we have a huge opportunity: Remember, Virginia Democrats had passed permanent no-excuse absentee voting. Part 1 of our campaign will urge voters to sign up for their Permanent Absentee Ballot (which will also make voting easier for them for the 2024 Presidential election). By following up with the Part 2 (GOTV) postcard campaign, we aim to get enough voters out to protect the Senate Dem majority and flip the Virginia House back to BLUE.

As a bellwether state, Virginia is considered the most important election in November 2023. The results will have huge repercussions nationally and affect the momentum, and perhaps even the outcome, of the 2024 elections.

Are you with us? Great! Postcards are available at cost here:

With appreciation,

-Lisa, Marketing Director/SoBo Coordinator 

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