The Future Depends On Progressive Change {Guest Post}

How did I find Blue Wave? Maybe through DailyKos? Vote Forward? Or NARAL or NOW? I am not sure - but I certainly am grateful to have connected and hope to participate in future campaigns, as you make it so easy to do. I go to marches when I can (in downtown Boston) on topics I care about. I try to live each day in a positive, green way -  an ongoing approach to making the world a bit better! 

As a 73 year old woman, I know the devastating consequences imposed on all of us - especially women, of course - on a society that denies women safe reproductive freedom and health care.

In the past I have signed up for letter and PC writing campaigns, but have sadly not always completed my commitment - simply because there was too much writing per card. Blue Wave’s current design and approach made fulfilling my commitment do-able. I really care deeply about progressive issues and want to help out, and the Blue Wave design/approach makes it possible for me to participate fully. As of now, I’ve been writing postcards solo with a hot cup of tea by my side. My sister in rural South Carolina has organized postcard writing events with friends, so I may do that in the future. 

We MUST vote to make our voices heard - I couldn't agree more with Blue Wave’s laudable goals, supported by its savvy means. I look forward to volunteering with BWPM on future progressive campaigns!!

 -Jesseca F.

(Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash)

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