Stamp Price Hikes are Coming - Here's Our Strategy

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We can't thank our generous Blue Wave donors enough for supporting our movement by investing time in writing postcards and/or contributing to our stamp fund. Your activism has made a difference, supporting democracy by helping voters in key states navigate continually changing voter registration laws, while also helping our community of writers feel like they’re a part of something bigger. 

Today, however, democracy hangs in the balance. Many Republican-led state legislatures have introduced and/or implemented voter suppression bills that greatly impact how votes are counted. In a recent Texas primary, 23,000 absentee ballots - 1 in 8 - were thrown out due to the wholly unnecessary “tightening” of mail-in ballot rules. To address this, we’re building a series of campaigns (starting with last month’s Pennsylvania campaign and our upcoming Michigan campaign) that address how to navigate the devious measures that Republicans have put into place to suppress voting. 

BWPM has an incredibly talented volunteer staff and dedicated, nation-wide network of postcard writers and activist partners. And...we need more money in our stamp fund, especially now, before the stamp price increases by 10% in July. We need more money to stock up before the stamp price jumps.  

Not all of our writers are in a position to pay $108 for a 200-card set with stamps. While we ask that people order and pay for postcard kits at cost to have “skin in the game”, providing stamp assistance to groups that need it - low income, seniors, college students, etc. - allows for more community engagement in our democratic process. 

BWPM is grassroots to the core; all of our talented team are entirely volunteers, so all donations have gone (and will continue to go) straight into the stamp fund. We are grateful for all past and future contributions - thank you for your activism. No part in this great experiment is too small! 

-Lisa, Marketing Director/SoBo Coordinator 


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