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I began volunteering for political campaigns in 2007 by knocking doors for Barack Obama.  I also went door to door querying likely democrat voters about issues important to them. This felt like good work but I realized that many people didn’t answer their doors or weren't enthused about me intruding on their days. Door knocking didn't seem as effective as it once was, plus social media and cell phones made direct contact even more difficult.

I knew it wasn’t enough to vote then wait, hoping democrats win. I needed to do something!

Then my friend Margie told me about the Blue Wave Postcard Movement.

Blue Wave has given me the opportunity to reach out to people in swing states, through postcard writing, encouraging them to register and to vote. Besides writing, I've now been volunteering locally for several months, counting postcards for kits going out to volunteer writers across the country, as well as packaging and shipping them. I feel great about volunteering, and appreciate that Blue Wave analyzes their results, resulting in data proving our effectiveness.

Yet I know that to make a significant difference, we need more volunteers, many, many more volunteers.

I realized that I could get the word out by sending my extra postcards (usually two or three per hundred that I write) to my friends, encouraging them to volunteer with me.  I also requested a yard sign, hoping my neighbors would see it and be interested.  Finally, I’m requesting a magnetic Blue Wave bumper sticker for my car, complete with a QR code so people can scan for information. Perhaps these small actions will make a difference, and Blue Wave can help swing this election for the democrats.

It would be an understatement to say that I am concerned about this upcoming election.  I worry for the environment, mine and my children’s right to health care, body autonomy and the right to love who we love without fear, and indeed, about democracy itself.  I am proud to be a part of Blue Wave, and I hope my small effort can help make the difference we need to see this year.

Andrea Merrill

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