Quiet But Powerful Activism {Guest Post}

A lovely lady named Susan sent us this note, and we couldn't help but turn it into a blog post and share it with our readers.

I'm so glad to hear you have no more postcards available. That's powerful exciting information! Of course, I'll be happily participating in another postcard campaign in the near future. I'm really ready for another campaign as soon as they are available!

I'm 74 and live in ruby-red, rural So. Oregon and door-to-door campaign work is not at all viable, especially when an uninvited knock on a door could mean a surprise greeting with a gun (shot)!  Even a bumper sticker causes unwanted attention and damage to cars where I live.  Writing and sending targeted message postcards allows me to continue to make meaningful contributions to states and causes that I really care about.  

I have proudly voted in every local, state and federal election since I turned 21.  I've always attempted to stay informed and involved, including marching several times in Washington DC for women's reproductive rights. At this stage in my life, writing postcards allows me to safely continue my political activism.  Thank you, Blue Wave Postcards!


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