Postcards Make Getting Out The Vote Easier {Guest Post}

postcards to voters

I live in a Continuing Care Residential Community (CCRC) in the Northeast. I was and am very active and informed on political happenings at the Local, State, Regional and National "goings on"levels.

When I first learned about the postcards effort to Get Out The Vote, I encouraged my friend in the CCRC to help and write Postcards. For our first effort, we were assigned to South Carolina 200 Postcards (25 per person), the 2nd effort was New Hampshire for a primary race, the 3rd effort was to Georgia, and the 4th was to Wisconsin for the Supreme Court vote. That was a huge success.

The process has gotten easier,  too. We had started with an organization that didn't provide address labels (hello, finger cramps!). We are now writing with BWPM, where we are given address labels to place on the pre-printed postcards, and we only need to write one sentence and sign our name before stamping and mailing. All we need to do is purchase the stamps.

This is better than phone calls in my opinion. Thank you for the opportunity to participate and help.

-Barbara Kraft 
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