Postcarding From The Phoenix Italian-American Club {Guest Post}

My friends and I have been writing political awareness postcards since the movement began in the mid 2010’s. 
  • We have written for several different groups
  • We have written in homes, coffee shops, the Phoenix Italian-American Club, and backyards. 
  • These amazing women (yes, sadly so far, only women) from diverse backgrounds, and all over the US, have written over 4,000 postcards. 
We have bonded as a group. We laugh together, we cry together, we celebrate our wins, mourn our losses and then move on to the next set of postcards. 
I started writing with Blue Wave this year!  Love the model of pre-printed cards with a personal note. 
Thanks so much for your wonderful support to those of us looking for additional ways to reach out to voters and potential voters. 
- Sheila
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