On Parrots and Postcarding: My Contribution to Democracy {Guest Post}

postcards to voters

The Blue Wave Postcard Movement has proven to be one of the best and most effective methods of reaching and motivating voters, and it is even better with the inclusion of self-stick, pre-addressed labels, which will assure accuracy and save time. Brilliant!

I have always been politically aware and involved, even as a young child. I toddled along with my parents when they walked out precinct and encouraged neighbours (and total strangers) to support and vote for the Democratic candidates.

What can I do now as a much older disabled person? I can write postcards! I have written many hundreds of postcards and have encouraged others who care about saving our fragile democracy from the real danger of a totalitarian, fascistic takeover to join the Blue Wave Postcard Movement.

My motto is: “Don’t sit and fret, sit and write!” 

(I am including pictures of two of my parrots. These two are quite talented but have yet to master the fine art of postcard writing. However, they both speak and both express optimism about the future!)


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