Ohio Special Election Goals: Turnout, TurnOut, TURNOUT (Part Two)

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Hello, clever Political Junkie friends! Let’s start with yet another riddle game about why turnout is SO important in Ohio’s August Special Election:

Riddle #1:

What’s the connection between Ohio workers getting a livable minimum ballot initiative (plus reproductive health protections) passed in November 2023, and the Special Election slated for August 2023?

Correct answer: 


Here’s why:

One of the few ways people still have a voice over policy in Ohio - a highly gerrymandered state with GOP control over all branches of government, including the courts - is through citizen initiated ballot measures. And by calling an August Special Election, the GOP is quietly attempting to gut that option, as well.

To recap: The sole purpose of this expensive ($20 Million taxpayer dollars), generally low turn-out election (historically at 8%) is the Republican goal of passing a constitutional amendment that not only makes it far more difficult to get petitions on the ballot, but also increases the passage threshold to 60% (currently only requires a simple majority) which will make it nearly impossible for most initiatives to pass in a 50-50 state.

Riddle #2:

Does Extremism take off for the summer?

Correct answer:

No, it doesn’t. And neither can we.

The GOP counts on this election flying under voters' radar, so the Republicans can further cement their power by further stripping away the voices of Ohioans who want change.

For our upcoming Ohio Get Out The Vote (GOTV) postcard campaign (presale starts July 5th and cards will ship on July 14th), Blue Wave has partnered with One Fair Wage, an organization that’s collecting petition signatures in Ohio to get an initiative on the ballot to raise the minimum wage to $15 + tips.

We're sending these postcards to people who've signed the petition because they have skin in the game - if they don't vote NO on Issue 1 in August, the minimum wage petition will have a much harder chance of getting on the ballot or pass. 

That’s the connection. Voters, especially the low wage workers who have signed the One Fair Wage petition, can’t skip the August Special Election if they want the minimum wage increase.

This Special election also impacts other ballot measures, including protecting reproductive rights (possibly this November) and drawing fair election maps (possibly next November)

 OK - you may now return to your July 4th celebrations and libations, but please be ready to pounce on that Ohio GOTV campaign pre-sale launching July 5th. Bonus: when you buy postcards, you’ll get information regarding an upcoming Zoom Postcard writing party with a special guest or two - more to come!

And #forgodssake BUY STAMPS before the July 9th price increase! Foil Darklord DeJoy's evil plot.

Thank you, activist friends - I will now get off my soapbox and return to making soap.

Love you like FIREWORKS!

-Lisa, Marketing Director/SoBo Coordinator 

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