Mary and Georgie Herding the Hordes!



Wise, energetic elders, gather bi-weekly or so (when our busy calendars permit!) at our senior living community near Boston. Inspired by a fellow resident active in local politics we searched the Internet for the most clear, direct, complete mailing kit, and found Blue Wave.

It fits us perfectly: the pre-printed message lets us personalize with one sentence and saves our arthritic hands; we don't have to drive to the post office for stamps; and we don't have to carefully copy complex, unfamiliar addresses! Not to mention the aesthetically delightful, eye-catching graphics that we're sure lead to posting the cards around the houses of the recipients after they do their civic duty!

This is a great inclusive project and it allows those of us who marched WITH Dr. King, rallied FOR Roe, demonstrated AGAINST wars…(and now we're a little worn out, but still have enough energy) to be active!

Thank you, Blue Wave, for helping us stay in the mix!

-Mary and Georgie

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