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Our hearts go out to all of the families who lost homes in the tragic Marshall Fire in Boulder County on December 30, 2021. Almost a thousand homes were lost in Louisville and Superior. 

This is our community. This is where the Blue Wave Postcard Movement started. All of us have friends who were impacted by the fire. Last Thursday, some of us watched smoke and flames from a distance, horrified by what we were seeing. Some of us had to evacuate our homes, not knowing whether we would have a home to come back to. And a few wonderful Blue Wave volunteers lost their homes in the fire. 

For those of you, near and far, looking for a way to help, we have compiled a short list of suggestions and resources.

Donate Cash

This is probably what is needed most right now by many families. The Boulder Community Foundation has created a wildfire fund, and will be distributing grants to people who have lost their homes to help with the massive rebuilding effort. 

This GoFundMe page has been set up for one of our Blue Wave volunteers who lost her home in the fire. We will add links to others as we find out about them.

If you live in this area, there are other things that you can do to help: 


Please register at to volunteer and support recovery efforts.

Donate Gift Cards

Sister Carmen is taking limited donations at this time, which can be dropped off at 655 Aspen Ridge Drive, Lafayette, CO 80025 at the East entrance during open hours. They are currently accepting Gift Cards at $100 increments for Walmart, Target, Costco, and local restaurants. 

Reach Out

If you have friends who have lost their homes, reach out to them. They may not really know what they need, because their needs right now are immense. Rather than asking them what they need, just offer something: to cook them a meal, to walk their dog, or offer to help them with cleanup or with finding a new place to live. Don’t forget to keep in touch and continue to offer help in the weeks and months ahead. It will take our community years to recover and rebuild, and continued support will be needed. 

Be patient, be kind, and let's help each other recover from this disaster. Please email us ( if you were impacted and need help.

 -Faith, Art Director [bio]
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