Little Old Lady Bible Study Group {Guest Post}

blue wave postcard movement

25 of us meek, unassuming gray-haired ladies (and 3 men) have been meeting at First Congregational Church in Sheboygan, Wisconsin for more than a decade to read and discuss the great mystics and world problems. Our oldest and most politically active member is Janet at 99 years.

In the Fall of 2022 I quietly set 10 packs of 10 stamped, addressed postcards on the coffee table and asked if anyone would be willing to write to voters in that campaign. Turns out there weren't enough packs for everyone who wanted one! Since then our small band of churchgoers, including Pastor Julia, is responsible for a 1000+ postcards. 

The wonderful postcard designs are what attracted me to Blue Wave in the first place, and the fact that you helped us TREMENDOUSLY in Wisconsin with the Janet Protasiewicz-for-State-Supreme -Court campaign! 

We are proud to do what Jesus would have us do: Speak up for the marginalized  of society.

- Geralyn Leannah

(Photo by Chris Liverani on Unsplash)
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