Kill the Filibuster {Guest Post}

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My name is Sam Post. In September of last year, my sister and I were looking for ways to get involved in the election, and she forwarded me a link to Blue Wave Postcards. BWPM ignited my sense of urgency for the fall campaign. In addition to writing postcards to PA to encourage mail-in voting, I wrote letters with Vote Forward, became a text moderator with the PA digital campaign, canvassed in Philadelphia, and volunteered as a vote-tripler on election day in Yeadon, PA. And I wrote my (extremely partisan) election song, "Vote!", which can be found here.

For most of my career as a musician in DC, I've written and performed piano music, but the latter years of the Trump administration left me with the urge to make my art political. For my primary endorsement, I wrote "Warren," an ode to the Massachusetts Senator's campaign. Of course, I knew the general election was the big one! With the GOP attacking mail-in voting at every turn, I wanted to wrap a (theoretically) non-partisan message (vote!) in an endorsement of the only candidate and only party that really believes in voting. So in addition to providing information about mail-in voting and voter protection, the song progressively becomes more and more overtly pro-Democratic as it progresses. Here it is. 

But of course, the fight didn't end there! With the wave of voter suppression sweeping across the country and the Republicans threatening to block as much of Biden's agenda as they possibly can, reforming the filibuster and passing HR. 1 to protect voting rights and reform elections is crucial to maintaining the blue wave. So, I wrote my next political song as a(n abridged) history and call to action to kill the filibuster and pass democracy reform legislation. With the slimmest majorities in the House and Senate, now is the chance to make elections in this country fairer, and now is the chance to show voters the power of the progressive agenda. Without filibuster and democracy reform, all the Democrats' political and policy gains could be in peril again in 2022 and 2024. I hope you’ll join me in bringing the Blue Wave across the country.

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