How To Write A Blue Wave Postcard

postcards to voters

First thing's first - signup for campaign updates to be notified of all Blue Wave activity! Then: 

Get a postcard kit: 

Order it. Pay for it. Wait.

Gather the essentials: 
Writing utensil - Sharpie? Ink Pen? Gel Pen?
Erasing tool - Liquid paper? Correction Tape? 
Beverage - Spill proof container? Will it sweat? Do I need 2?
Snacks -- How long do you plan to write? Better load up!

Where to write? 
BWPM Zoom meeting. 
In a Park, With a Lark.
At the Zoo, look out for Lou.

With your spouse, not a Mouse


Rock – motivating
Soul – feeling it
Dead silence – not feeling it
Obama Speech – Yeah!!!
Country Music – Hmm
Elevator Music – Noooooo!
The Blues – right color! ;) 

Where to sit to write?
Recliner – Have you ever spilled 200 post cards?
Desk – move the computer, file all those papers…
Kitchen table – handy snacks!


Ready, set, write!

Where did I put those instructions?
I can write my name up the side to make more space!
Use more than one color for attention
Address the postcard with the label, then add the stamp
Mail them! 

Tell all your friends - and thank you for your activism!

-Julie, Customer Solutions [bio]


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