Hope For A Democratic And Forward-Thinking Country {Guest Post}

Each day we are bombarded by headline news and actions that world leaders make. Many of the decisions made do not have democracy nor humanity in mind. This makes me feel hopeless and powerless. I turn to my boys and know that I need to lead. To be a role model. To take action. I want them to see decency, along with democracy and humanity at the core of our actions. This is why I have chosen to participate in Blue Wave Postcards.

I have hope each time I gather a few friends to write Blue Wave Postcards to encourage registration and motivate the power of the vote for critical states in upcoming elections. By doing this, I know I am not alone in my thinking for a more equitable and just country, that is solid in its foundations of democracy and is concerned for the well being of all. It gives me a chance to ‘do something’ and take action.

This process also allows my boys to see me taking action on something that is very important to me. With curiosity, they approach and inquire about what I am doing. It gives me the opportunity to begin conversations about power, inequities and the process of legislative change in our country. The Blue Wave Postcards invite and motivate those who may not have been seen or heard in past elections to exercise their right to vote and have their voices heard.

It gives me hope when I put the postcards in the mail. It gives me hope that by taking action today, we will be heard and seen through our upcoming votes. Blue Wave Postcards give me hope that we will soon see a more just, democratic and forward thinking country, so that our future, including my boys, can have hope too.

Thanks for the important work you do to make taking action easier and more meaningful!

- Kendra

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