Fighting For Future Generations {Guest Post}

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One morning in early April 2018, I tossed aside the morning paper and gazed across the breakfast table at my 12-year-old granddaughter. A haunting question had just crept into my consciousness.

What would I tell my granddaughter if someday she asked me, "Pop, what did you do when the country was threatened by Trump and the MAGA people?"

I had no answer. And yet as a grandparent, wasn’t I obliged to try to preserve for this little girl the country, with all its blemishes, that had allowed me to thrive?

And so, I started Grandparents for Democracy, a group of volunteers from my generation to help protect those who come after us, by electing candidates for national office who believe in truth, science and the sanctity of our democratic institutions.

During these last four years, as the anti-democratic threat has grown, I've been cheered to learn of so many thousands of like-minded members of my generation… and the quality organizations like Blue Wave with which to partner. So when people ask me how I keep going with GfD amidst all the gloom of these dark years, I tell them that I'm sustained by the knowledge that so many of us are indeed fighting back.

-Larry Sarezky

Founder, Grandparents for Democracy

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