"Democracy Is Not A Spectator Sport" {Guest Post}

postcards to voters

As a 74 year old who has some difficulty walking for lengthy periods, door knocking would not work for me —  but in 2020 I  needed  to know that if the Orange Menace won office again I would be able to sleep at night knowing that I had done what I could do to avoid that disastrous outcome. 

As it turned out, writing GOTV postcards to Philadelphians in 2020 was so mentally therapeutic that I wrote more to Georgia voters for the special election that followed for the Senate seat that helped Democrats take the Senate. That felt so good that I then became involved in writing postcards to Wisconsin voters regarding the importance of its Supreme Court race and Ohio voters that were being snookered about the percentage required to amend its state constitution.

As the world has gone crazy, what I call my “therapy cards” have kept me sane.  Can’t wait to get started on the batch I’m expecting soon. 


(Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash)

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