Calligraphy, Postcards, and Double Teaming {Guest Post}


The Blue Wave Postcard Movement offers me the opportunity to support democracy, the next generation, as well as President Biden and other important candidates to win their races across the county. Within the privacy of my home, I send messages to people I've never met but whose votes matter.

While completing a stack of postcards, my husband and I team up to finish them on time. I do the writing because years back, I taught myself how to create calligraphy, the art of ornate handwriting. Then I taught it to my students so they might engage in a thoughtful application of "Quotation Interpretation." 

With stylized writing, the students calligraphed significant quotes from literature and interpreted the author's message below the quote. I also discovered ways to create thoughtful student commentary, a gatekeeper skill across the nation. 

Thank you again for your heartfelt work supporting the candidates and issues that matter. I look forward to creating postcards to promote these people and issues and to revive the art of calligraphy.

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