Bringing About Change Through Future Generations {Guest Post}

postcards to voters

I have written postcards twice, and feel that it helped in past elections. The postcards are a personal touch and favorite of mine.

I was a state delegate in our Democratic Convention a couple of weeks ago, and the excitement was palpable even though we are in a very “red state”. I was just listening to our local NPR radio about a young Native American who is the vice chairman of our 3rd Congressional District Democratic Party. His goal is to register as many First People voters as possible to bring about change in the district and our state. His interview was followed by our state chairperson discussing the fact that the average age of Democrats in Oklahoma is 66. I’m almost 74, but at the state convention I was excited to see and meet many youthful delegates.

We must work diligently to bring in younger voters. Thank you for organizing the postcard program! Two of my ancestors are John Adams and John Quincy Adams. I want to continue their commitment to the democracy they fought for against tyranny.

- Donald (Don) Davis
Tulsa, OK

(Photo by Jonathan Simcoe on Unsplash)

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