Blue Wave's Statement on Ukraine

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Coloradans in support of Ukrainians in front of the Capitol building in Denver on 2/26/22. Photo by Kateryna Lapina.

At this very moment, Ukrainians are fighting for their homes and lives. 

Russia invaded Ukraine 4 days ago, an atrocious and unprovoked act of war on a peaceful neighbor. We are outraged and heartbroken. Wars have untold consequences for both sides involved, especially taking a toll on civilians. The invasion so far has turned Kyiv into a war zone and forced civilians to hide in bomb shelters and subways. Bridges, schools and neighborhoods have been hit by missiles, despite official claims that Russia would only aim at military targets. 

Even with odds stacked against them, Ukrainians are putting up a fierce resistance. We stand with Ukraine in their fight to protect their homeland and we urge our leaders to do what it takes to help them resist for as long as possible. Contrary to Putin’s claims, sanctions and a prolonged war will hurt Russia and its economy.

It may feel like there is not much we can do, but we recommend the following actions:

  • Donate to aid organizations on the ground, e.g., Razom for Ukraine helps Ukrainian refugees and soldiers; Revive Soldiers Ukraine helps injured Ukrainian soldiers.
  • Look for protests and rallies near you and participate in or help promote the events.
  • Ask your company to stop doing business with Russia as long as it continues on the war path. This would create a ripple effect and increase the anti-war pressure inside Russia. It's a very effective thing you can do.

In the United States, many of us are shielded from the horrendous actions of leaders across the globe; our daily lives aren't affected directly. That is a privilege that we shouldn’t take for granted and it’s our responsibility to support the Ukrainians - and protect democracy against autocracy - in any way we can.

In Solidarity with Ukrainians,

The Blue Wave Team

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