Blue Wave Warnock Tsunami in a Box {Guest Post}

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We were ecstatic when the Midterms produced a US Senate majority and a closer blue count in the House than expected! It energized us even more for the Georgia runoff between Walker and Warnock. I pulled out all the stops and ordered a box of 2000 postcards, not knowing, really, how many that was or how we’d get them done.

Tension mounted as the email response from Blue Wave was delayed. Did I do something wrong? Did my order get lost? Is this the real Blue Wave postcard people? At last, a reply: they were overwhelmed and sold out but my postcards were on the way!

I recruited three activist friends who each committed to take 500 cards and cover their own stamps. One team hosted two chili feed and postcard signing nights, another successfully recruited their family to write. The third lost momentum and did only 100 cards! Yikes!  I sent packs of 10 cards with my husband to his pickle ball games at the YMCA three times a week, took cards to my silver sneakers classes to recruit writers, and started writing for blocks of time at home. The clock was ticking!

Ten days out, the chili team leader announced that she was heading to Georgia a week before the election to door-knock with friends! We pushed to the finish, boxed remaining written and stamped cards, and sent them with her to mail in Georgia so they could have a local postmark! About half of the cards went out that way, like an added gift to the campaign.

The whole experience was exhilarating! When Warnock won again, we felt we helped push him over the top. And when I tried to loosen the lid on a new jar of pickles, I noticed my hands were stronger from all the writing! Yes, seriously.  Thank you Blue Wave!   

-Sarah in St. Paul

(Photo by Matt Paul Catalano on Unsplash)

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