Blue Wave Postcard Movement's Winter Break 2022/2023 Adventures

We took a much-needed break over the holiday break, and we are re-energized to get moving for the future of democracy! Here's what a few of us were up to!

Ning, Founder/President:

In December, after we wrapped up the GA runoff postcard campaign, I spent 3 weeks in a health center in Santa Rosa, undergoing two weeks of water-only fasting and an additional week of gradually resuming eating. It has been a transformative experience. I came out of the health center reinvigorated and ready to take on a lifestyle of vegan food (good for my health and for the environment), regular exercises, getting in sync with the circadian rhythm, and listening to my body more and taking rests when needed. I have been able to stick with most (not all!) of that since then.

The experience helped me recognize the amazing power of the human body and its ability to regenerate and repair itself - a remarkable outcome of billions of years of evolution since life took form in the ocean. During the fast, I didn't feel hungry after the first two days. However, I did miss the daily ritual of three meals and, even more so, the social interactions at meal times. Food never tasted so good after I resumed eating. See the photo of a yumilicious fruit and veggie plate that I had at the center.

During the holidays, I was able to spend more time with friends and family, including spending some wonderful time with my sister's family who visited from Australia.

Now I’m fully re-energized and ready to continue my work on democracy and climate with all of you!

Faith, Art Director, NoBo Coordinator:

After finishing the Georgia runoff postcard campaign at record speed, I had time to focus on some of my favorite creative endeavors. I worked on the calendars that I create every year as Christmas presents for my family and my husband’s family. I was also able to spend more time at my pottery studio, playing with clay. And, of course, hiking and walking every day when the weather cooperated. 

Christmas meant a full house of family and festivities. Lots of good food, Liberty puzzles to be worked on, and wonderful family time. 

In early January we flew to Tucson, where we spent 6 days exploring the Sonoran desert, and visiting the Desert Museum, the Art Museum, and Biosphere 2. We met two of my husband’s cousins there and hiked every day, exploring places we had never been to before, and reveling in the diversity of plant life in this desert. Of course we also enjoyed the warm weather... quite a contrast to the cold snowy weather in Boulder. 

Feeling refreshed, and looking forward to finding creative ways to help save our democracy.

Lisa, Marketing Director/SoBo Coordinator: 

After the Georgia Senate runoff triumph, I dove into holiday markets/fulfilling orders for my Indie artisan soap business, then tackled neglected Christmas prep. December is just stupid busy.

But we fit in cherished family traditions (including cutting our tree at a friend's ranch), holiday parties (back after two years!), game nights, outdoor mountain hijinks + ended 2022 by meeting friends for a snow-packed hike through the botanic gardens light display on New Year's Eve. 

Democracy is important, but so is breathing space to enjoy friends, family, good times and naps.

Now back to Crooked Media and Michael Moore podcasts - time to rev up for the next Blue Wave.  

Hope you'll join the fun!

Sani, Communications Director: 

Winter break 2022 - wow, that came and went in a flash. I guess that happens when you have young children. When we're not traveling or entertaining visitors during the holidays, I like to keep things as chill as possible. Lots of jigsaw puzzles. LOTS. 

In 2021 I started a Santa letter-writing initiative in Denver. In a nutshell, I wrote letters back to kids who dropped off their letters in a "North Pole Express" mailbox I displayed in our neighborhood (or mailed them to me from across the country). So I continued that this year from the Pacific Northwest. That kept me quite busy, especially since I had to hide the entire project from my kids. Well worth it. And clearly I have an affinity for putting pen to paper. ;) (BTW - if you’d like to join my unofficial Blue Wave postcard group (and happen to be in the Kirkland/Redmond/Woodinville area), please give me a shout!) 

Aside from all that, we've been exploring different areas of Washington. We took a trip to Leavenworth, a small Bavarian-styled village in the Cascades. We stopped by a reindeer farm and ate lots of very large soft pretzels during our trip. We also tried stroopwafels for the first time - delicious! I look forward to a wonderful year!

…And we live on to fight another day! 

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