Blue Wave Influencers Fundraiser

On Saturday, May 4th, 2024, Boulder’s Influencers Group hosted a fundraiser for Blue Wave. More than 230 people donated to the event, and over 190 signed up to attend!

What an inspiring event on a beautiful day in South Boulder! Boulder Influencers brought homemade goodies. Many attendees have already written postcards for Blue Wave in the past, and pledged to encourage more friends to participate.

Boulder’s Congressman, Joe Neguse, spoke at the event as a featured speaker. He said:

(Blue Wave Postcards)send these postcards to everyday Americans across our country about the issues that matter to them so that we can inspire, motivate, and activate them to be a part of democracy because we know that democracy is not a spectator sport!

Watch this brief video recording of Joe Neguse's speech

The event raised over $46,000 for Blue Wave. We will use the funds for the following purposes:

  • With the expanded working capital, we will be able to launch larger campaigns. Since Blue Wave sells stamps at cost with our postcard kits, to make it easier for postcard writers so they don’t have to make separate trips to purchase stamps, the size of our campaigns is limited by the amount of stamps we are able to pre-purchase. $46,000 will allow us to increase our campaign size by 100,000 mailboxes for each campaign.
  • We will also be able to provide more postcard writers with free stamps.

Since Blue Wave is a non-profit run entirely by volunteers, we can put all the funds we have raised at the event to good use.

Our kick-ass all-volunteer team (partial)

This year, Blue Wave plans to create and distribute 5 million postcards for battleground states and districts. This is as many postcards as we have produced and distributed in the past four years combined! These additional funds will greatly assist us in reaching our goal.

We can use your help as well! Please consider donating to Blue Wave to continue expanding our working capital and providing free stamps to postcard writers who need them.

Additionally, we NEED more writers. Please reach out to THREE of your friends and invite them to write postcards with us! 

Do you have friends who are deeply concerned about the November election? Do you have friends who want to protect democracy, abortion rights, our climate future, and more? Blue Wave offers an easy and effective way for them to engage. You can help them turn fear and anxiety into action. Your friends will appreciate you for that!

So please, pick up the phone, send a few texts or emails (find a sample message here), recruit THREE of your friends, help us get 5 million postcards into the hands of voters who need to hear from us and turn out to vote, and save democracy along the way!

Ning Mosberger-Tang, Founder & President

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