Blue Wave for Ocean and Climate {Guest Post}

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Hello Blue Wave Postcard Community! My name is Rachel Christopherson, and I am a fellow postcard writer. After participating in the Black Lives Matter protests in the summer of 2020, I knew I needed to do more than ever before to push for equality, for environmental justice, and for the vision of America that Dr. King phrased as a promissory note, never cashed. I wanted to do something concrete to help end systemic racism and to address the climate crisis—but I did not want to simply give money or call or text people (because that can get annoying). Blue Wave Postcards to the rescue! I love the mail, I love writing letters, in part because they are so personal and non-electronic.  I was able to send my good energy and good wishes on this physical card—and hoped that it cheered up the person receiving it.  I hoped my message translated to their heart, and translated to voting—our foundational right. Now I am excited to participate in the effort for H.R.1/S.1, which will help to protect that sacred right. I will contribute in every way I can. 

At the same time, my organization, the Center for the Blue Economy, will be pushing to make sure our legislators make the ocean/climate connection, and I invite anyone from the Blue Wave movement who cares about the ocean and climate to join us to lobby congress (via Zoom) on Wednesday, April 14th . With oceans of thanks to all those out there striving to make a difference. 


Humbly yours,

Rachel Christopherson

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