Ashley Stolzmann for Boulder County Commissioner

ashley stolzmann for boulder county commissioners

As you know, the Boulder County Commissioners make decisions on county policies and how the county spends its tax revenue, among other things. Whoever elected this year will serve a 4-year term at the most critical time of the climate crisis.

In the next few years, we need to reduce emissions in Boulder County by at least 80%. We're fortunate that Boulder County has supportive staff and taxpayers who are willing to pay for climate actions. However, we need accelerated climate leadership in the Commissioners' office to push the envelope as much as possible and help us get on the net zero path as soon as possible.

I like both primary candidates very much. They are great public servants, driven and dedicated to what they believe in. In normal times, I would have been happy to vote for either of them. However, we're not living in a normal time. Complacency and business as usual will lead to disaster. We need to elect climate champions who have the vision, conviction, know-how and track record to tackle this urgent and complicated issue. 

We need Ashley Stolzmann to serve in the Boulder County Commissioners office.  Her environmental priorities may be found here

 -Ning, Founder and President [bio]
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