2024 Strategy Tweaks

Blue Wave Postcards has set an ambitious 2024 goal of sending out 5 Million postcards to swing state voters in this critical election where democracy hangs in the balance. With that volume of campaigns, we'd love you to participate as fully as possible while being sensitive to your budget. We'll also offer an explanation of our data collection plan to measure the efficacy of various postcarding strategies.

In the past we’ve had a few weeks between postcard campaigns but, with the stakes of the November election, 2024 will be different. Our goal is to run campaigns consecutively - to the degree possible - for Voter Registration (VR), Vote by Mail (VBM) and finally, Get Out the Vote (GOTV), targeting likely dem voters.

How this affects you:

  • Plan ahead: We’ll likely have 14 campaigns - roughly 2 per month - through October. Consider what you can spend on postcard stamps in total this year.  We’d recommend buying Forever postcard stamp rolls now through July 2024, when Postmaster DeJoy is likely to raise prices (again). If you need help paying for stamps, request stamp assistance here.
  • Join or form a group to make writing postcards more fun and to be eligible for more discounts, including free shipping. Find out how here.
  • If you prefer to write individually or write with only a friend or two, and budget is a concern, consider ordering more sets for fewer campaigns. Why? Shipping one set of 100 postcards costs about $15.00 in postage. Shipping a 200 postcard kit costs you about the same. So ordering 200 cards every other campaign still has you writing the same number of postcards as ordering 100 cards for every campaign, but reduces shipping (and postcard kit) costs. 
  • Alternatively, if you want to write for every campaign, consider splitting a 200 postcard kit + shipping cost with a friend rather than ordering 100 postcards each. This helps defray the shipping cost and saves you both money. This also requires less order processing on our end for which we thank you.

Additionally, our campaigns may look a bit different this year. Some of our campaigns will be designed around collecting data to measuring postcard efficacy. We may have two campaigns going to a cross-section of the same postcard recipients a few weeks apart. We'll be measuring recipient response.

For example: if you’re buying postcards for our Pennsylvania Voter Registration campaign, then wondering why we’re releasing a second PA postcard campaign a few weeks later - that’s part of our data collection process. Preliminary results from a previous campaign suggest that recipients of two cards (sent a few weeks apart) are much more likely to take action.

We’re also working with partners on select campaigns who will follow up our postcarding with text/phone banking and other outreach. Yep - more efficacy and more DATA!

Thanks for hanging in there with us and for all you do - now, let's write postcards!

Your Blue Wave Team 

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