2021 Q3 Retrospective

postcards to voters


I'm SO proud of our core Blue Wave team and volunteers. It took us only ten days to complete our most recent Vote No on the California Recall campaign... from design, pre-order, print, to fully distribute 100,000 beautifully designed and effective postcards! That was unimaginable just a year ago, and now we do it routinely.

We continue to be a fully volunteer-run operation. We only take stamp fund donations that we use to support volunteer writers who need stamp help. To thousands of volunteer writers who ordered postcard kits from us:

thank you for trusting and working with us!

We take your trust seriously. We do our due diligence before launching a new campaign to ensure that what we're doing is not only necessary, but will also be effective.

That's why we only targeted a few key states during the 2020 election, why we ran multiple targeted campaigns in the Georgia runoff (instead of one large campaign), and why we ran campaigns in only a few select states for democracy reform (which is still live and well, btw, thanks to a collective national effort that we're proudly part of).

So far we have had a success rate of almost 100% (the SB-200 climate bill campaign was only a partial success). Since we only select campaigns that face uphill battles or have uncertain outcomes (e.g. depending on unpredictable turnout), it's unlikely that we'll keep that record forever (better boast about it now while I still can!).

Regardless, we helped move the needle (or shall we say, the mountain), and will continue to strive to do so. Thank you for being on this exciting journey with us!

Let's walk TOGETHER, walk FAST, and walk FAR - and take a break once in a while to catch our breath!

-Ning, Founder and President [bio]

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