Refrigerator Reminders {Guest Post}

postcards to voters

My postcard journey began in 2020 when my sister asked me to handle 100 postcards from a batch she'd received from a friend. I quickly saw that this almost personal way to reach voters was a satisfying experience for me and hopefully for the recipients. Who doesn't like to receive hand-written mail, right?  It was getting close to the election, but I was so determined to get Biden in office that I grabbed another 100, and did them fast.  I was working and didn't have much time. But it felt so good. 

I'm now retired and write as many postcards as possible. I felt rewarded about our progress in the 2023 elections, and previous ones too! It's clear that voting is just not enough anymore. Unfortunately, 2024 looks very unclear and scary to me. So, we just keep moving...

My friends are regular voters, but some are a good distance away. So I plan to order cards well in advance for the friends I see every month or two. Some have arthritis in their hands so I'll offer to write their cards if they'll pay the postage. Good deal, right? 

When you hear about our postcards landing on voters' refrigerators you know you made an impression that will get more of them to the polls. It's a good thing!

- Marianne
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